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How would you like to be a participant in the one of a kind
Night Historical Game experience?


midnight puzzles

Challenge your mind with puzzles that are designed to be solved with your sharpened sences because of the night.


ancient battles 

Counter the attacks of the Ancient Ones! And constantly stay on guard for they lurk around every dark corner.


a Thracian Tzar

Prove you are worthy by solving all the puzzles, surviving the battles and navigating the Thracian Temple and you might meet a king of old.


like a Thracian

The grand finale will be when you have met the tzar and are greeted to his throne room's dining table to a feast with Thracian food.

Yes, all of this is real. Teleport yourself right into a movie and be the main character!

Join a night historical
open escape room adventure. 

Book your place today!

Are you worthy of the world of the Ancients?


You will participate in a new type of adventure game that gives you the chance to touch the artifacts of the largest Historical park in the world.


The game combines mental challenges, orienteering and adventure activities.

You will unravel the mysteries, analyze historical facts to discover the secrets of individual historical eras so you can enter the world's only Thracian palace.


The grand finale of the game comes when the Thracian tzar greets all the participants in the throne room. And this is not the end of the game, but the beginning of the climax of the evening, ending with a Thracian feast and offering gifts from the participants.

It all starts when you enter the Historical Park,
making it trhough it's guardians.

You have limited time to escape from the Historical Park! All information is important. Your only choice is to build a strategy and act together.

You may need to practice ancient crafts, collect different artifacts, and test your senses which are sharpened by the night even further with variuos challenges!

What are you ready to do to reach the Thracian feast and exit the Historical Park to get home?

What will you experience?

Mental challenges


Adventurous challenges

Pure fun

Enter the World of The Ancients


Experience their ways

With your own efforts and the assistance of ancient people who have come out of the times of the thracians, you will go through mental challenges, provocation of your senses and preparation of authentic gifts.


Teleport yourself back in time

Get out of your reality and immerse yourself in a different time! You will follow into the steps of Neolithic and Chalcolithic people to reach the Thracians' luscious time.

Who is the Night Historical Game for?

Tap on the images to discover the true answers



It's a perfect way to experience something new with old and new friends. 

And have some Thracian wine while you're at it.



What better way to build your team than having them share a historical dynamic experience together?

Have them share it during the night.



Don't just read and listen to the history of Bulgaria.

Experience it.
Taste it.
Live it.

Places are limited!

And they are quickly filling up. Make sure you reserve yours right now!


That's the maximum number of participants in the Night Historical Game

Reserve your seat and take your friends as well - they'll thank you for it!

The unique Night Historical Game will begin at
20:30 on September 7th
in front of the Gate of the Medieval Fortress of the Historical Park.

Be quick!

The one of a kind Night Historical Game experience is almost here!

Don't miss out on this opportunity - reserve yours while places are still available.

What does the Night Historical Game offer?

  • Midnight puzzles - you're not simply solving puzzles in broad daylight. You're testing the limits of your senses during the night!
  • Night provocations - when we say it, we mean it and you experience it.
  • Ancient battles - Counter the attacks of the Ancient Ones! And constantly stay on guard for they lurk around every dark corner.
  • Unexpected twists - Be careful! You might end up closed within a Thracian tomb or an ancient Bulgarian yurta.
  • Survive like the ancients - Handle unexpected situations as a warrior in a Thracian tomb.
  • Feast like the ancients - when you make it through all the puzzles and surprises, you are greeted by the Thracian king and invited to a feast in his temple!

Make sure you take one of the last remaining places

Where will you find the Night Historical Game?


Gate of the Medieval Fortress 
Historical Park, Neofit Rilski


Historical Park, Neofit Rilski